Millions of Students have already increased their SAT and ACT scores by using the exclusive strategies developed by the leading test-prep expert Dr. Gary Gruber.

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Pinpoints each student's unique needs

Pinpoint your unique
strengths and weaknesses

This SAT/ACT diagnostic test shows you
what material you most need to study to
improve your score. You have direct access
to testing strategies and subject refreshers
connected to each question at your fingertips.

Get a full, detailed report of your score

Get a full, detailed
report of your score

Look at a subject as a whole or break it
down into subject-specific subtopics,
all the way down to individual questions,
so that you can find the right test strategy
to use next time.

Take a full SAT or ACT test

Take a full SAT or ACT test

The diagnostic test fits your schedule

Take a full SAT/ACT test Take a full test at once

Take one SAT/ACT subject Take one subject at a time

Pause SAT/ACT test Take parts of a subject at different times

Everything You Need to Prep for the SAT & ACT

Details that you can't find anywhere else!

MyMaxScore Diagnostic is unique software that monitors your answers to determine areas that with little or large improvement can make a big difference in your score.

This testing experience will be completely individualized to your needs. We give you the information you need so that you can decide how you want to study for best results: use the refreshers in the program, look online, study from a book, study with a friend or parent, or even learn with a tutor.

Exclusive Gruber Strategies 

Dr. Gary Gruber has researched hundreds of SAT/ACT tests (and thousands of questions) and has documented 40 Critical Thinking Strategies to help you achieve your best score. Sometimes it’s not about what you know, but if you know how to convey it. Use the wrong strategies and you might get the wrong score. Trust Dr. Gruber: his strategies will help you understand how to answer the specific type of question being asked so that you don’t make the same mistake twice.

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