Dr. Gary Gruber — Leading ACT Expert

Dr. Gary Gruber - ACT Expert"Dr. Gary Gruber has developed a method that will raise students' test scores by sharpening their thinking skills." — Boston Globe 

“His methods make questions seem amazingly simple to solve.”   Library Journal 

“By learning Dr. Gruber's strategies, a student can increase his or her IQ to do well on any exam.”   Teen Magazine


Dr. Gruber has been featured in nation-wide media. 

Dr. Gary Gruber: The Leader is SAT PrepThe Gruber ACT Method is internationally recognized and renowned:

  • Dr. Gary Gruber is internationally sought after for personal test prep consultations - through MyMaxScore he's able to share his exclusive strategies with students around the world
  • Dr. Gruber is nationally recognized as the leading expert on standardized tests
  • He is the originator and developer of the critical thinking skills necessary for standardized tests
  • He has developed major programs for school districts, as well as city and state educational agencies, for improving and restructuring curriculum
  • Author of over 1,000 articles which have appeared in scholarly journals as well as nationally syndicated news publications
  • Dr. Gruber has authored more than 30 books on test taking and critical thinking methods with over 7 million copies sold

Dr. Gary Gruber: The Leader is SAT PrepMyMaxScore chooses strategies from the ACT expert that would help YOU the most

Dr. Gruber is the originator and developer of the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed on standardized tests. Better than any other method in the test-prep market, the Gruber ACT strategy prepares you for exactly what is being tested for in the ACT. In fact, the procedures to answer ACT questions rely more heavily on the Gruber Critical Thinking Strategies than ever before. And MyMaxScore is the only program that utilizes Dr. Gruber’s ACT expert strategies to maximize your score. As you answer questions, MyMaxScore begins to develop your very own Dr. Gruber study plan! After every question you can learn strategies and lessons from Dr. Gruber, or you can access your very own study plan in our exclusive Reference Report.

Dr. Gary Gruber: The Leader is SAT PrepResults nationwide

Dr. Gary Gruber has developed programs in school districts and for city and state departments of education to restructure curriculum, improve test scores, increase learning ability, and increase motivation and a passion for learning and problem solving.


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