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You only need to get 10 more questions correct to raise your score by 100 points on the SAT or 1 point on the ACT.

In other words, by mastering an area you need to improve you'll be able to make significant score gains on your SAT or ACT exam. MyMaxScore not only reveals your weaker areas, but it also organizes a complete study plan for you so you can instantly access the materials YOU specifically need to study. As you master your top target areas, we'll update your study plan in real time so you are always focusing on only what you NEED to study. You will not waste time studying what you already know. 

With MyMaxScore, you can master those 10 questions and more. Reach for your top colleges and even qualify for life-changing awards and scholarships. It all starts here. Join MyMaxScore and begin your journey to a higher score!

“After using MyMaxScore, my daughter scored an 1810 on SAT which was enough to qualify her for a 4-year scholarship!” – Candy from Killeen, TX, 2011

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